In the name of Jesus

Praise the lord lot glory be to your almighty father, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. This is testimony of Pendurthi Mary Ranamma, who worked on spreading the gospel all around the state.

Childhood: Mary Ranamma was born as the fourth in her family, her father was a railway employee and they settled in dowaleswaram. Due to more no children in the house her parent didn’t effort to provide higher education. She was an illiterate. At the age of fourteen, she got married to Pendurthi  Ganniyya . Soon after her marriage, she faced several hurdles her husband was a drunker which made her disputes. She sat in a room alone and started thinking the ways to put an end to her life. At that time,beside her house in police quarters ,she heard the words of Pastor G.J Benny who preaching gospel  on the importance of our life, OUR PLANE AFTER DEATH with these words god directed her thoughts and showed light to her path she started visiting  reserve police  union church regularly to the benny gospel church and she used to take her children’s with her to enhance her spiritual growth.

When this is going, there is a sudden death of her fourteen years old son. This made her hopeless and she lived in a state of helplessness. The Death of her son gave her uncompensated of her family. As it is said that, forsake his children, she heard the call of Jesus. He gave her word and strengthen her physically and mentally. He became a friend to her talking to her regularly. One day, God  gave her blessings and a call to do service .Listening to this, she said,” oh father I am an illiterate person I don’t know how to read and write then how can I preach the gospel and spread your word’. From that day , God came to her dreams daily and thought her secrets of the bible. She knows only the stuff of the bible. She didn’t know how to even write a letter. She shared her bible knowledge without forming any society. In 1976, during the month of may, she heard the voice of God to form a society. She then, established a community in madavanagar with regular prayer meetings like Friday faster, Sunday prayer along with 40day all night meetings. She worked beyond her strength to stabilize her society and glorify her lord.

In 4-3-1997, Mary Ranamma garu was effected by mild heart stroke. She was admitted in the hospital. After 4 days she didn’t like to stay in the hospital and seek the advice of the doctor. So, at her wish she was brought home.

Mary had 7 children, three of them mere boys and four daughters. Her husband took his retirement in 1976 who accepted Christ with heart and soul. He passed away. Mary took the responsibility of the family. All her children , three sons and two daughters got married and two more daughters left to go married. Meanwhile , she had the thought of building a new prayer house with god she’s rays expressed her viewer on the while preaching every should pray for god  death I would always wish to die while I was preaching the gospel.

On  3-7-1997, she went to market and brought fishes. She had her lunch at 12;30 and slept. That was her last day on this earth. She passed away on the day peacefully.